Kind Words From Our Customers


I have utilized the services of First Class Pools for several years and it is money well spent. Their work is always performed in a timely and professional manner.

I never have to make trips to the pool store to purchase expensive chemicals because it’s all included in the summer maintenance package. Another great benefit is knowing that my pool water is cared for properly and the water is clean and safe for my family.

In fact, Mike from First Class Pools has often saved me money. When I had an issue with my filter, and it looked like I might need a replacement Mike was able to repair the filter which is still running great today.

Richard W.


Working with First Class Pools has been an absolute pleasure. I have been working with Mike and First Class Pools for over a year, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with his service. Before meeting Mike I went through three different pool service companies in a period of five years. Previously, my pool was never cleaned properly and it was very difficult to contact someone to express my frustrations.

Every year my pool was opened and it looked like a swamp. Mike was the only person out of many to detect that I had a Mustard Algae problem. Since then the water has been perfect. Earlier this month our pool liner had to be replaced and Mike replaced it properly and in a timely fashion. If I have a question or need to communicate with him he is always and easily accessible.

I am very confident in Mike’s ability, he truly is First Class. I would recommend him and his company to any one.

Peter Q.

Recommend Mike of First Class?

Absolutely. I don’t know how he does it, but for a few days after he is here, the water actually seems to rebel debris! We swim for exercise and I don’t even need to lift the skimmer to take leaves out. We have three kids and use the pool all the time from May through September, and have never had a problem with Mike’s service or materials that he uses. Unbelievably crystal clear water with no eye-irritating chlorine qualities. The pool couldn’t be cleaner or more refreshing.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the quality, professionalism and reliability of service. Mike has even come out on a holiday weekend to troubleshoot a heater when we were expecting 50 guests. Summer wouldn’t be summer without a pool tended by Mike! Just sit back and enjoy a virtually maintenance free pool.

Steve and Linda A.

Upper Freehold Township

Having First Class taking care of my pool gives me peace of mind.

Mike was there the day we installed our new liner, and he has been taking the best care of us ever since. He has complete and total knowledge of not only the mechanics involved with all types of pumps and filters but also the chemical levels that need to be monitored and maintained. When Mike leaves each week, our pool is perfectly clean and never once has anyone complained about his or her eyes stinging from too much chlorine.

I believe he truly cares about the well-being of our pool and our family. Mike is dedicated to his business and really delivers a quality product from start to finish.

Lori N.